how do people live without pets? I have 11 pets and I want more, I love them all so much and they give me love back and it’s the best feeling. surround yourself with animals always and you will be happy

ur so cute when u turn into a kitty egg

w8 Pusha T is playing with Kanye so they’ll do Runaway together omfg Sunday cannot come quick enough I’M SO EXCITED

good to know I spent $65 on an amity tickets in the hopes of seeing them play some old shit only to look at their setlist for this tour…………… they’re not even playing stairway to hell or anything prior to Youngbloods oh my god fuck you


During a convention interview, star Glenn Howerton was asked why his character was named Dennis, whereas Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney's characters are named after themselves. Howerton responded by saying that he wanted to distance himself from his character as much as fucking possible.

this is what the Bronx does to you
lolitsmikey has asked: I meant dangerous like from wildlife hahah

OH lol not even, I mean there’s spiders and snakes that can kill you but the vast majority of the population never even have to deal with shit like that